Airtron tech working on AC unit

Air Conditioning Repair

There’s something wrong with your home air conditioning and you’re feeling the heat. Is it a major problem, or just a simple repair? Don’t wait! Call and get expert help immediately.

Airtron Technician Servicing An Air Conditioner

Airtron Air Conditioning Repair Services

Airtron will diagnose and repair your air conditioner using the latest technology. Our technicians have been trained to find solutions for your cooling system, so that you won’t have to suffer with hot and humid conditions inside your home. Best of all, we are here when you need us, using our easy online scheduling system you can make an appointment any time.

A.C. breakdowns are always inconvenient, but Airtron can fix your air conditioner quickly. It always seems that air conditioning units break down just when you need them most, but with an Essential HomeCare plan, you know you will be covered and you will receive priority scheduling. There are plenty of reasons for an air conditioning system to need repair service, Airtron will get to the bottom of the problems big or small.

8 Reasons to Repair Your Air Conditioner

  • Your air conditioner is not working or not turning on
  • The problem with your air conditioning system could be a small repair like a burned-out capacitor or a dirty filter
  • Airflow is not cooling certain rooms in your home
  • A faulty sensor located near the evaporator coil that measures the temperature can cause the a.c. to run constantly or randomly turn on and off
  • Unusual noises such as hissing, clicking or loud thumping or rattling
  • The evaporator coil has frozen and prevents the AC from running
  • Drainage problems due to a blocked pipe due to lack of cleaning and maintenance
  • The refrigerant is leaking or low