Leesburg Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Installation

Leesburg, VA furnace installation and ac repair

Located a little over 30 miles west-northwest of our nation’s Capital, the historic town of Leesburg, Virginia is nestled at the base of Catoctin Mountain and sits adjacent to the picturesque Potomac River. While the area was inhabited by various Native American tribes, the first Europeans settled in the late 1730s and promptly built large sprawling farms and elaborate plantations. While the area currently known as Leesburg was originally called George Town, (honoring Britain’s King George) it was eventually renamed Leesburg, in honor of Thomas Lee—one of Virginia’s most influential political figures not to mention one of colonial Virginia’s first families. The town served as a sort of temporary “haven” for the U.S. government as well as its archives, during the War of 1812. The marble quarries located just south of Leesburg were used in the reconstruction of the Capitol which was badly damaged after the city was burned during the war. During the Civil War, a number of battles occurred in or around present-day Leesburg including the Battle of Balls Bluff and the Battle of Mile Hill.

Like much of the surrounding area, and Loudoun County specifically—the area has undergone significant development these past few decades. Predominantly made up of rural farmland after the war, Leesburg would eventually become a suburban bedroom community, serving as home base for commuters traveling back and forth to Washington, D.C. Growth is especially high along the Dulles Greenway and along State Route 7 which, for the most part, runs parallel to the Potomac River, West to East between Winchester and Alexandria.

Our technicians are skilled and ready to solve any AC system or Furnace system issue you might have.


Airtron Mid-Atlantic has been providing heating and cooling hvac service to the Leesburg area of Virginia for over three decades. Although Airtron provides the highest premium of heating and air conditioning service, our HVAC technicians embody the small town feel and friendliness you would expect from the greater Leesburg area.

In the cold of winter our technicians can provide the much needed heating repair or heater replacement service you need, while in the heat of summer you can count on our highly skilled air conditioning staff to provide the air conditioner repair service or air conditioning installation you need – right away! Airtron Mid-Atlantic carries all the top air conditioning and heater system brands should you require new equipment or replacement of your furnace system. However, each household has different needs depending on various intricate factors. We at Airtron are committed to finding the right AC or furnace system for the residents of Leesburg while minimizing your cost and maximizing your return.