Mother's day special less dusting and cleaning with whole house air purifier

Reduce harmful viruses and bacteria in your home air

The path to cleaner indoor air is simple, the iWave whole house air purification system is installed directly into your home heating and air conditioning system. The air passes through the patented ionization device, it creates negative ions that capture the airborne particles leaving you with a cleaner environment.



$945 regular price

The iWave uses negative ionization to naturally remove viruses and bacteria that cause colds and flu from the air in your home

iWave air ionization system for your furnace

Air purification

• Effective in reducing mold, bacteria, and viruses such as COVID-19 in your home

• Reduces & can sometimes eliminate odors/smells from cooking, pets, smoke, and many other common household odors

• No yearly maintenance or replacement parts needed

*Limited time offer, expires, on May 18, 2024. Not valid on previous purchases.

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