Protect yourself against flu and RSV viruses with iWave air purifying system

Remove Flu, RSV, bacteria & viruses from your home air

It’s a good time to take advantage of the benefits of iWave’s capabilities


$803 with Essential HomeCare (installed)

Reg Price: $945

Remove harmful particles from your entire home with iWave ionization process

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Child with flu blowing nose

Reduce colds & viruses

The iWave technology removes more viruses that cause flu, RSV, and COVID-19.

iWave uses a ionization process that effectively removes bacteria and viruses from home air


The iWave uses positive and negative ions that when released into the airflow cause the particles to attach themselves to particles in the air.

Reduce in home odors from smoke, food, and mildew

Reduce odors

iWave helps reduce smells from smoke, food, and dampness from your home air.

Performance data & test results on the effectiveness of iwave

iWave products are thoroughly tested to show the reduction of certain bacteria and viruses by testing both air-testing and surface-testing. Measurements were taken at regular intervals, run using proprietary NPBI technology, and conducted in third-party laboratories.

The iWave air purifying system can reduce viruses like Covid-19 in home air

Airbourne organisms – Reduce COVID-19 Viruses

In testing the iWave can reduce the SARS-COVID-19 virus by 90.87% in 60 minutes by aerosolozing a test specimen in a large biosafety chamber and suspending it in the air using mixing fans.

iWave ionization can remove MRSA and other bacteria from surfaces

Surface organisms – removes most of COvid-19, staph, e.coli and MRSA

the iWave test for the reduction of airborne viruses and bacteria on surfaces eliminated up 99.98% of the SARS-CoV-2.

iWave combined with MERV filter reduces airborne viruses and germs

Filtration combined with iwave technology

When traditional filtration is combined with the iWave ionization process the MERV 10 removed particles 1.5 times faster than MERV alone.

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