Castroville Air Conditioning & Heater System Repair & Replacement Service

Castroville, tx furnace repair and ac installation

Castroville is a city located in Medina County, Texas. It was founded in 1844 by Henri Castro, who brought along European families from Alsace and Baden to settle along the Medina River in a land grant, which were the frontier lands west of San Antonio. Castroville is known for its influential Alsatian-Texan architecture, people, and culture. Castroville is a unique place with unique air conditioning and heating needs. Airtron Heating and Air Conditioning of San Antonio is here to help with everything from AC and furnace installations, to repairs, maintenance, and service!

Our technicians are skilled and ready to solve any AC system or Furnace system issue you might have.


Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning of San Antonio has been providing air conditioning repair and installations, as well as heating repair and installation services to Castroville for over thirty years. Providing Castroville with heating and air conditioning services is what we do best! We make sure you won’t have to sweat out the heat with a faulty central air conditioning system, or be forced to bundle up should your furnace system fail to keep you warm during a cold spell.

Our skilled technicians specialize in heating and air conditioning installations and repairs, and serving Castroville is what we do best! Determining whether you need a repair or a replacement can be difficult, and if not approached properly can result in accumulating unnecessary expenses. Whether heaters or air conditioners, our technicians will fill out a repair vs. replace worksheet to help you determine the most cost effective solution for you and your family. Even though we at Airtron Heating and Air Conditioning carry all the top brands of heater and AC equipment, you can be sure we will find the optimal solution that is right for you, and at the right price that fits your budget!